OH DEAR, different year, same old nonsense.

Once again we have the sleazy spectacle, whereupon a number of naked hippies insist on riding their bicycles through the town, indecently exposing themselves to passers-by.

This raises a number of serious issues, none of which I am sure will influence these into changing their views, on what they see as a totally normal part of their alternative lifestyle.

While one could never convince these people that anything they do is wrong, what does surprise me is the view of the Brighton police where they continue to condone this tawdry behaviour.

The politically correct drivel coming from them that in their view as long as no offence has been caused, there is no crime, in my opinion, absolute rubbish.

I suggest other police forces in the UK may have a different take on this.

Recently a naked rambler wandering around the countryside, being viewed by no one in particular, was repeatedly arrested and actually imprisoned for doing exactly the same thing as the naked bikers.

Is it right for the police to be operating an alternate justice system just to fit in with the bikers alternative lifestyle?

And don’t forget the others such as the visiting travellers.

Most importantly, we have the issue of the public purse.

The police continually whine about shortfalls in both their funding and resources, but manage to supply a considerable number of officers, at considerable cost to the public purse to police this pantomime.

Repeatedly, we see this type of activity rearing its head, sadly continuing to make the once great town of Brighton a laughing stock in the eyes of the remainder of the country.

Trevor Alford Ex Councillor for North Portslade New England Rise Portslade