Regarding the article by Adam Trimingham, yet again in support of cycling, as usual this oversimplifies the debate.

The apparent conflict between, say, cyclists and motorists (and pedestrians) is not the real argument.

The real problem lies in the substantial number of very poor road users around.

Most motorists for example would say that their criticisms are only against those cyclists who routinely ignore red lights, lack lights of their own, ignore pedestrian crossings and one way streets and overtake cars on the inside when said car is signalling a left turn.

Many cyclists entering a main road, by making a left turn from a side road, treat the main road as if it were an empty space with no chance of traffic being present.

They swing into the main road without slowing or even looking.

Then there is the totally illegal use of pavements. Yes, it is illegal to cycle on a pavement even if our police seem to ignore that.

So, many a cyclist suddenly leaves the road near a traffic light, utilises the pavement and the traffic light’s pedestrian crossing then suddenly bumps back on to the road again – and they wonder why they have collisions, and why, if hitting a ton of motorised metal, the cyclists usually comes off worst.

They will say: “Cycling on the pavement is safer.” I would say, safer for whom?

As kids, from the age of about eight to 17 we rode to school, and many other places, every day, without cycle lanes or other oddball road disruptions.

And, yes, it WAS in busy traffic even then, being in the Barking and Ilford area of London.

I don’t recall hearing of anyone having an accident.

There are plenty of thoughtless pedestrians too, and, yes, bad drivers. But if you stand near a busy junction in this town most of the thoughtless actions you would see in any given day seem to be from bad cyclists.

Their attitude seems to be: “Blow everyone else. I’m a cyclist and I do what I like!”

I’ll never forget, some years ago, walking along one of the paths between the Lawns on Hove seafront, seeing a young mother and her child of about nine both cycling from the pavement towards the promenade.

The child, having spotted the No Cycling signs said: “Mum, we aren’t supposed to cycle here”, to which her mother replied, “Oh, WE don’t take any notice of that!” I hope they are both still alive!

Enough said?

M Boyask,

New Church Road