GOING bald is a traumatic experience for anyone – but this man has a balloon fitted inside his head to cover the problem.

Chris Stoyanov of Worthing lived for six months with 950ml of fluid in a grapefruit sized growth on the back of his head.

The bulge stretched his skin, which was then pulled over his skull and stapled into place.

Mr Stoyanov said: “It was very uncomfortable and as it got bigger I had to be more and more careful that it didn’t burst.

“It was a difficult six months but I managed to take things very slowly and carefully and it’s proved a huge success.”

The 30-year-old endured multiple operations over 17 years after he had a tumour removed from the back of his head when he was a teenager.

Mr Stoyanov said: “After a few years, the tumour just grew back again. I went back and forth from hospital.

“Surgeons would keep removing the tumour and the skin around it. They had to use skin grafts from my legs to cover the patches and my hair never grew back so I spent nearly seven years in baseball caps.”

The constant operations left him with a large bald spot and Mr Sotyanov was told his hair would never grow back.

But after he moved from Buglaria to the UK, surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick came up with an innovative solution to his problem.

Mr Kirkpatrick said: “Tissue expansion is a well established technique in plastic surgery but it is very rare to use it on such a large defect of the scalp.

“I know that it was a pretty tough six months for Chris but it is great to see his self confidence as restored as his hairline.”

The procedure now means Mr Stoyanov will never go bald.

He said: “I had begun to think I would be in and out of hospital forever and that I would have to buy an endless supply of baseball caps to hide my scalp from everyone.

“But this has changed my life. It really is unbelievable and I’m so grateful.”