The Prince of Wales was in Sussex today, visiting children at a primary school.

His Royal Highness was following up on the Coronation Meadows Project, which he launched in last year in an effort to conserve flower-rich grasslands across the UK.

After a morning spent in Battle, in East Sussex, he travelled to the West Sussex village of Steyning for a conference on biodiversity before meeting Steyning Primary School children taking part in a Countryside Classroom Chef On The Farm Day.

The aim of the children’s session was to follow the journey of food from field to fork.

He watched the Steyning pupils making lamb burgers and asked one child if he liked eating burgers.

“It’s jolly good fun squashing them into shapes,” he added.

He asked another if he would be eating the burgers, warning the child, “Be careful, all the chilli might blow your head off.”

He tried his hand at digging for potatoes with the youngsters and said: “Watch out, they’ll have you shearing sheep next.”

“Have a jolly holiday,” he added.