A mere 17 days after the former Spiders From Mars frontman celebrated his 60th birthday, a bunch of Bowie superfans will be spreading a whole load of Ziggy Stardust across the city with a cavalcade of Thin White Dukerelated silliness.

"We wanted to get the date of his actual birthday but Larry (Cream) and Artie (Cray), who are the two guys who run the fan club, are unfortunately in prison - some misunderstanding with tax - and couldn't help us with the booking.

"We still wanted to do it so we got the closest date available. We still wanted to celebrate Mr Bowie's birthday."

These are the wise words of Claus Kuntz (aka our very own Alistair Kerr), Germany's top Aladdin Sane maniac and your host for what promises to be an extraordinary evening.

"I come from Berlin and we have some good rock/pop music - well, not so much," says Claus. "When David Hasselhoff was voted Germany's number one artist, I thought maybe I have to get out because everything's going up tits.

"So I came to Brighton to listen to good music. I thought, who is this guy wearing a dress? Because in those days Bowie was flirting with transvestism. There was for me nobody like him.

"Bowie has an affiliation with Germany. I bought the apartment he stayed in when he was living with Iggy Pop. We have some home movie film that comes from when David and Iggy were living together. We found it, restored it and we're going to show it on the night.

Claus is talking about the muchanticipated highlight of the show, namely exclusive extracts from a movie entitled 155 Hauptstrasse.

"I was looking down the side of the sofa and I found it. I didn't know at the time what it was, I thought it might be some porn or something," says the unfortunately-monikered MC.

Also lined up for the event is a motley crew of self-confessed Bowie freaks and weirdos.

"We got some really great acts. We've many unusual acts, if there were some usual acts we would say we don't want you because you're too usual.

"We've got Mervyn Hamlish and his wall of trousers. This is a must see. It's the first time Mervyn has erected his trouser wall on the British stage. It is literally a wall of trousers.

"There's Colin Brown and Frankie Spoons, they play ukelele and, well, spoons. I think they're gonna do Starman.

Frankie started off playing the forks but that didn't work because he got lots of cuts, he progressed to spoons and that was the breakthrough. They're very big in Bavaria.

"Also, for the guys, there's Fraulein Gotfried's New Gyration - they're like Pan's People with a big sex injection."

As for an appearance from the birthday boy himself, well, Claus is in a positive frame of mind.

"You can touch wood because he's that kind of guy. He's unpredictable. Maybe some people would think, What the hell would David Bowie be coming to Brighton to watch a cabaret night?' Well - maybe he would because he's often surprising people and he would be incognito.

"A lot of people think they see Elvis working for Brighton council."

  • Starts 8.30pm, tickets £10/£12. Call 01273 647100.