On a recent very busy weekend I had to drive along the coast road from Shoreham to Brighton.

When arriving between King Alfred and the Drive the traffic was completely stopped in places and driving very slowly, closely together.

Suddenly, two cyclists appeared weaving very rapidly between the cars. I was almost forced into the oncoming traffic or I would have hit him. I got a wave and a thumbs up for letting them through.

On getting to the Drive, the lights changed to red. Obviously, all cars came to a halt but not the cyclist. He drove straight over the red lights.

Traffic was turning and I held my breath thinking he was going to be in an accident, but he was forced to stop in the middle of the road and the cars went around him and he then cycled on.

What I didn’t understand was what was wrong with the cycle path which has cost a lot of money to do, and also both cyclists were in club colours so should have known better.

Not a good example from their club. Cyclists should be made to use the cycle lanes or many more will be killed or injured.

Mrs Cogan