The way has been laid for a viewing tower – literally.

A temporary wooden road is being built on Brighton beach to help construction of the i360 tower by the West Pier.

During the works, there will be three crossing points for pedestrians to access the promenade from the beach. These are at the steps between the bandstand and the playground, the entrance between the playground and Al Fresco restaurant, and the renovated arches.

The steps to the prom will remain open for access.

Building work on the i360 is expected to have a fairly low impact, with a maximum of three or four lorry movements a day.

Works are not planned for weekends or evenings, except during one weekend next spring when concrete foundations will be poured in.

The access road is a health and safety requirement for the two-year building process and forms part of the planning consent.

A spokeswoman said: “We have worked hard to choose materials for the road which will blend in.”