A WOMAN is calling on a high street retailer to re-consider its decision to stock a “sexist” beauty range called Fat Girl Slim.

Frances Joseph, 41, from Brighton, said the selection of female beauty products at Marks and Spencer in Western Road, Brighton, was “exploitative, dangerous and sad”.

The range includes anti-cellulite cream, arm moisturiser called ‘arm candy’ and a stomach-toning gel called ‘sixpack’.

Ms Joseph, who has started an online petition against the range, which is manufactured by beauty firm Bliss, said: “Sign the petition to work towards feminism and to prevent Bliss and other beauty product companies making sexist products like this.

“It's not okay to have a collection called ‘Fat Girl Slim’ that targets girls and young women.”

Ms Joseph said the manager of the store claimed it was “out of his hands” – so she took her complaint to social networking site Twitter.

Gill Ditch, from Brighton, commented: “Is this real? No - it must be a spoof”.

Clare Rogers from Brighton said: “ I'm not seeing the joke here.”

Marks and Spencer responded to the Tweet suggesting the products played on the name of Brighton DJ Fatboy Slim and “did not intend to cause offence”.

Ms Joseph said: “Many of us, agree that this is deeply inappropriate branding for a cosmetics range. I'm pretty shocked and disappointed that M&S of all people would choose to stock this brand.

“There's a clear implication that tummy cream will help to give you a six-pack, another product will give you toned arms and so on.

“They are overtly targeting insecure young women.

“It's really exploitative, dangerous and sad.”

A spokeswoman from Marks and Spencer said: “This product range is part of independent beauty brand Bliss and is not intended to cause offence to our customers.”