An 88-year-old author and broadcaster has written his tenth novel – after eight years of work.

Walter Harris, who has also published several volumes of poetry along with numerous articles and spoken-word recordings, said his new book is part fantasy and part historic. It tells the story of a man who goes on a religious journey, meeting several Christ-like figures along the way.

The avant-garde writer has self-published the title Godhead.

He said: “It wasn’t easy to write as there was a lot of research.

“I have a great love of language and I am a poet so it’s written in a poetic way.”

Mr Harris has worked with Harold Pinter and met Margaret Thatcher when he correctly forecast the outcome of the 1970 general election.

He added: “I have lived a long life and done a hell of a lot.”

Born in 1925, Mr Harris remembers life in the RAF during the Second World War, later becoming a correspondent. These experiences will appear in his memoires, which he is now working on.

He previously lived in Rottingdean before moving to Kingston, near Lewes, where he has lived for nine years.