THESE two old timers had a turtally great birthday party.

Lulu and Gulliver - the world's oldest captive sea turtles - shellebrated their 75th birthdays at Brighton Sea Life Centre.

The pair, who have lived at the Brighton aquarium for more than a decade, had health checks to make sure they were still keeping fit in their old age.

Lulu and Gulliver flipped out at the sight of their delicious cake made from tasty greens.

And keepers were shell-shocked by how spritely the aging green turtles still are, despite being thought to have been imported to the UK to star in a TV commercial around the time of the Second World War.

Sea Life curator Carey Duckhouse said: “It is a shame they were not returned to the wild all those years ago but they have long been wholly dependent on human care, and even if they could be freed there are no surviving records of their origin.

“Marine authorities would never permit their release for fear of genetic contamination of a wild green turtle population.”