A concerned resident is so frustrated by people breaking promenade rules that he has written a protest song.

Phillip Davies, from Hove, created the alter ego Promenading Percy to shame unruly dog walkers and cyclists on Hove seafront.

The walking warbler broke into song to express his frustrations and filmed scores of leadless dogs and cyclists whizzing past “no cycling” signs to illustrate his point.

“No means no cycling and keep dogs on a lead – perhaps there should be special schools where they learn to read,” he sings in fury on the video – which he said he now intends to send to Brighton and Hove City Council in the hope rule-breakers will be punished.

Mr Davies said: “I’m always being run over by cyclists even though there are clearly no cycling signs all over the place.

“I have just been out there again this morning and saw one guy walking three dogs off their leads on Hove Lawns and was nearly run over again.

“I just don’t understand why they’ve got the rules if no one’s going to enforce them.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said there had been no prosecutions for breaches of the promenade byelaws, but offenders would be given advice and leaflets by the seafront team.

He said: “We want everyone to come and enjoy our beaches but there are very good reasons why we ask users to observe certain rules so that we can all share our 13km of coastline together.

“Dog owners should keep their pets on leads and only use the appropriate beaches because not everyone likes dogs and children can be terrified of bigger dogs but it’s also a hygiene issue because children can contract serious illnesses from dog mess.

“Dog-friendly beaches are clearly signposted with banners.

“We would urge everyone to abide by seafront rules and if anyone is in any doubt talk to a lifeguard or member of the seafront team who can provide more information.”