COMMUNITIES minister Penny Mordaunt MP is being called on to back up her admiration for the London Road regeneration in Brighton with more government money.

The newly appointed minister visited several resurgent sites, including the Open Market, Hisbe supermarket, Elder Place and the Emporium, and said the area was an example to the nation.

The London Road area was one of 15 successful Portas Pilot bids from almost 400 nationwide applicants in 2012. It received £83,000 in funding, which runs out in the next couple of months.

The pilot, in which shopping guru Mary Portas is involved, has co-incided with significant development projects, which have brought more money and footfall to the area.

However, Brighton and Hove City Councillor Geoffrey Bowden said there is still “an awful lot more to be done” to the area.

He said: “I am hoping that the pilot money won’t just be a one-off. It is only a pilot and the job is not completed yet.

“We have still got areas that need tender loving care and need bringing to fruition that will add life to the area.”

Philip Wells, from the London Road Action Team, said extra funding would be “very helpful”.

He said: “It would not have to be a huge amount of money and would be strategically used to contribute further to what has already been done.

“Things that have been particularly valuable such as the website, the town team manager and the town liaison officers all cost money. They have got us to the point we are now but it would be great if we could keep up the momentum.”

High Street Minister Penny Mordaunt said: “Up and down the country, Portas Pilots and Town Teams are helping to drive the local economy, boost business and adopt shopper-friendly parking policies.

“The main aim of these schemes has always been to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the local community and give them the freedom to try out their ideas.

“This Government’s long-term economic plan is supporting local high streets with a billion-pound package of investment that includes targeted business rate discounts, sensible planning changes and action to rein in over-zealous parking practices.”