John Harmer starts from Boreham Street to cross Waller’s Haven, which flows through Hooe Level between Bexhill and Hailsham. He visits an isolated parish church before returning on the 1066 Country Walk. 

From the lay-by near the entrance to Wartling Village Hall, cross the road and turn right along the footway for nearly half a mile, passing the Bull’s Head pub on the right. Continue past the bus stops and cross the road again at the traffic island.

From the bus stops, head in the Ninfield direction (east).

Just beyond the traffic island, turn right at a fingerpost down a track for about 200 yards. On approaching a field-gate, go through a hand-gate on the right.

Veer right down across the field to go through a gap into the next field. Again, veer right towards the right-hand telegraph pole of three along the bottom of the field.

Just beyond, cross an electric fence, at a point where the wires are covered, and go forward through a field-gate, ignoring a waymarked footpath on the right.

Follow the ditch on the left side for about 300 yards until you encounter Waller’s Haven.

This is a deep, slow flowing river from Boreham Bridge on the A271 to the sea at Normans Bay. It is popular with both anglers and water fowl.

Cross what is known as Hogtrough Bridge and turn right along the embankment. In a short distance, just before a gate, turn left downhill to cross a bridge. Veer right across the narrow field to go over a rather hidden stile and footbridge.

Go through a narrow piece of woodland to go over a stile into a field. Bear right uphill, heading just to the right of a pylon at the top of the hill, to cross a stile by a field-gate along the top edge of the field.

Follow along the left-hand field edge, staying on the higher ground. At the end, go through a hand-gate and cross a track.

A stile will be seen at the top of a steep bank ahead. This is accessed via some stone steps which may be rather hidden; however, there is a handrail to assist with the climb.

Immediately over the stile there is a pig enclosure on the right. Continue ahead to the corner, and then bear right to the top right-hand corner of the field.

Go through a gate and along the left-hand field edge, then through another gate on the left followed by a stile. Notice the very unusual warning on the building adjacent to the footpath!

Continue on the footpath between fences, then through a hand-gate and along a driveway to a road. Cross to the field opposite, where there is a clear line straight ahead.

At the other end, go down a few steps, through a gap in the hedge, to turn right, down a narrow lane. At the bottom, enter a gate into Hooe churchyard.

This parish church, dedicated to St Oswald, is in this isolated position probably because the original settlement was deserted at the time of the plagues.

The Argus:

Parts of the building date from the 12th century, but most of what is seen now was built in the 15th century.

Amongst many interesting items to be found inside is a list of vicars dating from 1363.

To continue the walk, follow the path by the seat, just inside the gate, along the northern edge of the churchyard. Just beyond a green fuel tank and through a kissing-gate on the right.

Follow the footpath along the left-hand field edge, then through a gap on the left of a gate to continue direction along the left of the next field. At the top, veer left into woodland and follow the footpath through a field-gate to a minor road.

In a few paces, cross the major road with care and turn left.

At the next bend, bear right along a narrow road, Horse Walk. Continue downhill for just over half a mile, crossing a small bridge, until coming to Horse Bridge over Waller’s Haven.

Immediately over the bridge, turn right on a footpath along the river bank for about 350 yards. At a waymark, turn left away from the river along the left-hand edge of a field. Go through a gate on the left, and then continue direction on a track uphill.

On reaching a road, Boreham Lane, turn right for a quarter of a mile, going around a sharp bend until coming to a junction. Turn left downhill to go over a stile at the bottom of the hill on the right.

Here our route joins part of the 1066 Country Walk on the section between Pevensey and Battle.

Follow this waymarked route as it goes to the right, over a stile, then parallel with Boreham Lane for a short distance.

Then bear left uphill across several small fields and over a series of stiles.

After going through a larger field, cross another stile and go alongside woodland on the left.

Continue uphill along the right-hand field edge and, at the top, go around to the left then over a stile on the right.

Follow the footpath along a twitten then over a stile and down some steps to the road (A271).

Cross with great care to the footway opposite. Turn left to return to the lay-by near Wartling Village Hall; or right for refreshment facilities in the main part of Boreham Street.