A film-maker hopes to raise cash to shoot a second movie – and it has already sparked interest from Fatboy Slim.

Liam Hooper, from Brighton, won Best Student Film at The British Horror Film Festival 2012 for his first movie, Darkwood Manor, which had support from Steve Coogan.

The 20-year-old’s next movie will involve a house party in Sussex that takes a sinister turn.

Mr Hooper has set up production company 2050 Films with three friends and has launched a bid to raise £2,000 to start shooting.

He said the main difference between this film and his previous one is that his tastes have matured. The story centres around Sam, the teenage daughter of a famous artist, who is at home with her family.

Mr Hooper said: “This one is a lot more grown up but it’s not dull and there is some black humour in there.

“All the fear and tension comes from the characters and how they react to each other. There’s no killer running round slashing people with a machete.”

In casting, Mr Hooper shunned ‘big names’ for any of the roles, instead looking locally.

He said: “Pretty much all the cast are based in Brighton. There was a part I wrote for somebody bigger but I thought it better to give it to someone local who would be more enthusiastic.”

As well as support from Steve Coogan, Mr Hooper has a fan in Fatboy Slim, who tweeted the link for Strangers Within’s Kickstarter page.

The Kickstarter Page has rewards for people who donate, including to be part of the film’s auction scene if you pledge £75.

To pledge, visit www.kickstarter. com/projects/2050films/strangers-within-indie-horror-feature-film