A HOMEOWNER wants a council to tear down a new classroom block which towers over his garden after planning officers admitted they made a “typing error” in consultation documents.

Chris Baker, 31, of The Rose Walk, Newhaven, said the temporary classroom blocks the light into his back garden.

It was built on Tuesday after an application from Harbour Primary School to build a temporary block to take an influx of students.

But Mr Baker said the building is just five metres from his property – contradicting planning documents placing it 27 metres away.

Mr Baker said: “They said it would be 27 metres away in the consultation document I saw and we didn’t have an issue with that.

“But they started building it and I questioned what was going on and they admitted they made a typing error in the documents.

“It blocks light and is intrusive. An estate agent came to value the place and was told I’ve lost two to five percent of my house value.”

Planning documents show the building has been given permission to exist until September 2019 – more than five years.

They said: “The distance between the proposed mobile unit and the nearest property in The Rose Walk will be approximately 27 metres.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman admitted there had been a “clerical error”.

He said: “While this error is regrettable, the planning committee were provided with site photographs and copies of the plans showing the precise location and elevations of the mobile classroom, so they were aware of the proximity of properties in The Rose Walk.

“This was recognised in conditions attached to the planning permission aimed at minimising the impact on neighbouring properties, including the use of obscured glass on windows overlooking propertiesand a canopy covering the entrance to the classrooms.

“While we sympathise with Mr Baker, we believe this option was the best solution to accommodate an increased demand for school places in Newhaven.”