The piano at Brighton station has been moved from its position near to the ticket barriers because it was too noisy.

Members of staff told station bosses that they were unable to talk to passengers because of the noise.

And potential Beethovens, Chopins or Liberaces couldn’t get to tinkle the ivories because buskers were coming to play the piano for hours on end, leaving other passengers unable to have a go, it has been claimed.

Staff were given the discretion to lock the piano and a printed paper sign was stuck to the instrument which said: "We hope you enjoy playing our piano, but please no busking."

However commuters have been less than impressed with the piano being locked and out of use.

Nick Bright, 39, of Guildford Road, Brighton, commutes daily to London. He said it was disappointing that the piano had been locked up.

"I think it's amazing to have it there in the station," he said.

"It is really nice when you come into the station and see people playing on it.

"I'm surprised to hear it caused too much noise. You can barely hear the announcements.

"I can't see it causing a problem where it is now. In fact, it could be better because it's more visible."

Brighton station manager Beth Holbrook said: "It has been closed more than we would have liked to be closed. But it has been a trial period.

“We didn't realise it would have as big an impact on our staff giving our passengers the correct information and making them being able to hear as much as it has.

The Argus:

Old position: The piano has been moved from near to the ticket barrier

"But we are working very hard rectify that and make sure we put it somewhere where we can keep it open for the majority of the time."

The idea was the brainchild of Labour parliamentary candidate for Hove Peter Kyle, but was brought to life by the Brighton Piano Warehouse.

This morning the piano was situated in a new position away from the ticket barriers.