A road-rage motorist who hit national headlines after The Argus revealed footage of him swearing at a cyclist 25 times in just 35 seconds has been handed a fine.

Mark Baldwin, 60, was caught confronting Eastbourne cyclist Eddie Bell in an expletive-ridden video after an incident on Eastbourne Road in Pevensey on March 10.

The video shows Jaguar driver Mr Baldwin, of Longfield, Kent, and Mr Bell, 38, in a verbal altercation apparently about the car’s position on the road.

Mr Baldwin was recorded reeling out a series of insults and abuse to Mr Bell, who was filming on his iPhone, before the cyclist made off.

The driver voluntarily visited a police station following the video’s publication on the internet, including The Argus website, and appeared at Hastings’ Magistrate Court on August 19.

He pleaded guilty of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour with intent to cause the victim to think violence would be used against him and was ordered to pay a £505 fine, £50 victim surcharge and £85 costs. Sussex Police said the assault charge was dismissed.

Mr Bell told The Argus he hoped appearing in court would make him ‘think twice’ about his action in future.

He said: “I was quite happy with the amount of disruption, cost and worry this has caused him over the last six months.

“Hopefully he will think twice about his actions in future.”

The infamous video of the altercation between Mr Baldwin and Mr Bell has been watched by more than 65,000 people across the world since it was uploaded to video sharing website YouTube in March.

The Argus contacted Mr Baldwin for comment but did not receive a response by the time it went to press.