Unfulfilled by munching on grass and socialising with her fellow four-legged friends, Becky has been popping into her local.

The 35-year-old donkey likes nothing better than socialising with the punters at The Brewers Arms.

The pub’s landlady and Becky’s owner Fiona Airey said she is a popular visitor at the pub in Vines Cross, near Heathfield.

Ms Airey said: “I have got three donkeys and Becky is very old.

“She is 35-years-old now and when she is hungry she comes into the pub for her food.

“She loves the customers, she just sees them as a source of food.

“She is getting to the stage now where she just lets herself in.”

Ms Airey adopted the donkey six years ago when she was already aged 29.

While the donkey does not sip pints, she enjoys the atmosphere of the pub while while she eats her lunch.

When she is not clopping through the bar Becky lives in the field next door to the pub with her friends, a miniature donkey called Derby, a full-sized donkey called Harry and a miniature horse called Dinky.

She said the patrons at The Brewers Arms love Becky and whip out their cameras every time she comes through the doors.

Ms Airey previously ran the Horse and Groom in Rushlake Green, near Heathfield, where Becky got a taste for popping into the pub.

There a customer complained about the Becky being allowed into the pub.

She said: “Somebody complained one night to the Environmental Health but they found no reason to uphold it.

“They said it was OK as long as she did not go behind the bar and of course we are not going to let her there.”

In 2008 a 12-year-old mare called Peggy was barred from a pub in Tyneside after it had a new owner.