A devout Muslim says he is “disgusted” that a blunder by a high-street sandwich shop meant he ate bacon and ham, contrary to his strongly-held beliefs.

Amar Bhatti is angry at food store Pret A Manger after a blunder by staff meant that a product labelled as a vegetarian croissant he ate actually contained two different pork products.

The 28-year-old sales manager said the store had not gone far enough to make amends for what he describes as a major error.

Mr Bhatti, from Peacehaven, was bought the supposed vegetarian croissant of cheese and tomato from the Pret A Manger in North Street, Brighton, on Tuesday lunchtime by his wife Stephanie because he was busy working.

He said: “My wife brought the croissant to my desk and I was so hungry I quickly took two bites out of it. It tasted a little bit salty so I looked at the croissant and I could see that it had red meat hanging out it.” Mr Bhatti said he immediately went to the store to complain and staff apologised and said the problem was because of a new member of staff.

He said: “They told me we have just got a new guy in and they’ve made a little mistake. I said ‘it’s not a little mistake, it’s a big mistake’.

“There’s a big difference between how the vegetarian croissant and meat croissant look like, it’s not complicated to label them up right.

“They offered me vouchers but I am not sure I want to eat there again after this.

“I think for what they have done they should be offering me something more in compensation.”

A Pret A Manger spokeswoman said: “Pret apologises for the incorrect labelling of the ham, bacon and cheese croissant at the North Street Brighton shop.

“We can assure our customers that this is a one-off incident and have set out procedures in place to ensure this does not happen again in the future.”