One of the Tour of Britain cyclists had a "lucky" escape after a heavy crash on the final bend.

As the leading pack snaked their way onto the home straight Tao Geoghegan Hart made a mistake and crashed head first into the metal barrier - knocking down a spectator. 

The spectator remained on the ground for a few minutes before getting back up and resuming watching the race.

The British rider took to twitter afterwards to apologise.

He said: “Would like to apologise to all the other riders in the front group I put in danger in the last kilometre today. Big mistake on last corner.

“Big thank you everyone for checking I'm ok. It would appear I got lucky there. No time lost and can't wait to race in my home town tomorrow.

“Oh and sorry to the woman I think I head butted. Very kind of you to give me back my favourite sunnies after I slammed in to you.”

Ian Ellis, who was in the crowd at the bend, said he was "disgusted" at the lack of help from staff.

He added: "An elderly couple were knocked to the ground, probably just bruised, but the lack of help is appalling."

The incident was captured on film by Sam Lewis.