BUS services in Brighton are experiencing severe delays, with some being terminated due to traffic.  

Brighton and Hove Bus Company has said due to traffic congestion on Lewes Road all number 25 buses that are due to go to Palmeira Square will be terminating or re-starting at the Steine. 

The company said: "Its currently taking more 30 minutes to get from the bottom of Elm Grove to Lewes Road Garage.

"All services that operate along Lewes Road are subject to severe delays this afternoon due to the roadworks at the Gyratory."

In the last half an hour it has said the 28 and 29 services are terminating and re-starting at the Old Steine due to severe traffic congestion in Lewes Road.

It added: "All services are subject to severe delays due to traffic congestion and roadworks especially along Lewes Road."