AN AIRPORT pressure group is hoping to have new momentum after lining the route of the Tour of Britain.

Communities Against Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) stood at the roadside watching cyclists as they passed through Horsham last weekend as they campaigned against new flight paths for Gatwick Airport.

CAGNE chairman Sally Pavey said: “We took the opportunity of the tour to raise awareness of our campaign. We had lots of interest from people, some of which have found themselves suddenly under a trial flight path.

“We’ve had at least 20 enquiries since the event. While the trial flight paths have stopped, the problem is still there. And the suggestion of a second runway is an even bigger issue now.”

Final recommendations on airport expansion are due next year and Gatwick and Heathrow have intensified lobbying for a new runway.

The Gatwick bid promises Sussex would reap the economic reward, and claims it offers the quickest, easiest and cheapest solution to the UK’s air travel problems for a generation. The plans could cost billions of pounds but would be privately financed.

But opposition to the plans say it would lead to the urbanisation of the county.

The group started in Warnham when homeowners suddenly found themselves living under the new flight path trial in April and it quickly attracted hundreds of members. It has members from Warnham, Rusper, Kingsfold, Rowhook, Broadbridge Heath, Slinfold parishes and north Horsham.