A TEAM of drivers stopped off at a children's hospital as part of a national awareness campaign.

The group from the fundraising organisation Charity Roadtrip accepted a challenge from Worthing-based Wolfram Syndrome UK to visit 25 major children’s hospitals across the UK.

Drivers will be covering four countries, 40 counties and more than 1,600 miles in 60 hours in a bid to educate people about the rare and often misdiagnosed genetic disorder Wolfram Syndrome.

The team set off from the charity’s base in Worthing and stopped at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton first.

They met with senior hospital managers and presented them with medical information packs specifically written for the many departments that may treat a child with the condition.

Wolfram Syndrome UK was set up by Paul and Tracy Lynch after their daughter Jennifer was diagnosed in March 2010 with the life limiting genetic disorder, for which there is no known cure.

Symptoms can include deafness and neurological problems including loss of balance.

For more details, visit wolframsyndrome.co.uk