An investigation has been launched into complaints that railway workers are causing nearby residents to suffer sleepless nights.

Residents in Grange Close, Brighton, claim they have been living in misery for months after new railway stabling and sidings were installed earlier this year.

The Argus has previously reported that residents have had to put up with the sound of trains only metres from the end of their gardens, while floodlights shining through their windows has left them sleep-deprived and feeling they “have no privacy”.

Brighton and Hove City Council is now investigating to see whether the use of the site is “reasonable”.

A spokesman said: “Noise complaints are still being received regarding trains being parked for long periods and their mechanical noise aggravating residents.

“Meetings with our legal team have happened and investigations are currently under way to see whether the use of the site is reasonable.

“If it is not, further discussions and consideration of courses of action will happen. Our environmental health investigation is independent of any other residents’ action or meetings.”

Terry Shipperley, 57, who lives in Grange Close, said: “I think the council is being very helpful but it appears their statutory powers are not the same for the railway as they would be for a private resident. It has completely ruined the enjoyment of our homes.

“I feel as a member of the public I have no power. If it was me who wanted to do something like this to my neighbours there would be laws to stop it.”

Neighbour Sandra Augheny said council officers measuring noise on the road had been “extremely helpful” but she was also worried that they will be bound by regulation.

She said the situation with the trains was now “beyond intrusion”.

Network Rail is also meeting with representatives of the Brighton and Hove Conservative Group about the issue.

Clarence Mitchell, Brighton Pavilion Conservative parliamentary candidate, said: “The wellbeing and health of hundreds of residents are now being detrimentally affected with sleep deprivation being just one of their major complaints.

“You might as well be trying to sleep on the platform at Brighton Station. Network Rail must understand that this matter is not going to go away quietly.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “We are happy to meet with the Conservatives and have already arranged to show them the site itself.

“We do need to work with people to reach a conclusion and will continue to try to find one.”