Geoff Green played a part in one of the most high-profile scandals in Sussex history, helping fraudsters Jim (Sydney) Miller and John Bellord escape to a remote Scottish island.

In a story worthy of an adventure novel, the 73-year-old eventually gave them up and went on to work as an osteopath in Steyning.

The Southern Organs International scandal gripped the county for months in the 1970s, with one newspaper even hiring a psychic detective to find out what Mr Green knew all along.

Now Mr Green has put the tale where it belongs – inside a gripping book – and a tale that raises plenty of interesting questions: How far would you go to help friends in a fix? Would you give your friends up after helping them get away? Should police let people off in exchange for information?

Questions with no easy answers – but there is one outstanding riddle from the affair that someone must know the answer to.

Who, if their claim is true, was the churchman Miller and Bellord said they were trying to protect by paying off a blackmailer, the root of their scam?

Answers to