A 20 year old woman from Hove has undergone a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, after finding out she had a cancer gene at 18.

Anna Crescenzo was tested after her mother and grandmother both had breast cancer, and there was a possibility that it could be passed onto her.

Doctors strongly advised Miss Crescenzo against a mastectomy, due to the high risk of infection that it carries at a young age.

Miss Crescenzo said: "It is easy for them to say in good time but who knows how much time there is for me."

Although she could of waited to have the operation later on, Miss Crescenzo added: "I have a choice to preserve my life, but I'm getting rid of a perfectly healthy part of my body."

After watching family members battle the illness she decided that now was the right time to take precautionary measures and have the operation regardless of the risks involved.

Her chances have been reduced by 80% although there is still a risk that Miss Crescenzo could develop breast cancer later in life.

While awaiting the operation the flight attendant from Windsor Close has been documenting her story on a blog, to raise awareness and has received support from friends and family.

Miss Crescenzo said: "It has definitely given me a different perspective on life, being healthy and happy are the main things I concentrate on now.

"Although I still have a long way to go, until I am fully recovered, it has been worth it. I no longer have the constant worry of getting breast cancer."

Her recent charity work has seen her involved in a campaign called Check em Tuesday which educates women on checking their breasts for lumps.

She is still in recovery but is hoping to be back at work in six weeks so she can carry on her career as cabin crew.

Miss Crescenzo also added: "The steps I took may not be for everyone and thats fine, there are so many options and support groups that will always help people in the same position as myself, especially if they do not want to undergo surgery."

The preventative surgery has become more favoured in recents years helping many women find an alternative to treatment. Stars such as Angelina Jolie and Kathy Bates both underwent the surgery in 2013.

Click the link to read Miss Crescenzos journey on her blog. inmygenes.tumblr.com