A SINGER’S dog was refused entry to her show shortly before she was due on stage.

Nell Bryden was all set to play the Komedia in Gardner Street, Brighton, when her dog Otto was barred.

The American singer’s one-year-old cockapoo, a cross between a cocker spaniel and poodle, has a leading role in her latest music video.

He was not due to play a part in the show but was going to be kept backstage during the performance.

But the venue’s duty manager told the singer her dog was not allowed into the venue or backstage.

Otto was forced to leave the building in his wheeled carrier, in the care of Nell’s British husband Alistair, who she married earlier this summer.

But fans said she did not let it spoil her performance.

The 37-year-old singer, who is seven months’ pregnant and suffers from alopecia, said: “It was a shame they wouldn’t let my dog in backstage during the show, since he was pretty irresistible and harmless in his carrier.

“It hardly matters though because it’s still a great venue that I’ve played many times and I had a really great gig that night.

“Plus in the end my husband probably enjoyed himself more, wandering down to the beach with Otto and killing a few hours exploring.

“He got a whole different side of Brighton at night than he otherwise would have had.”

During the show Mrs Bryden dedicated a song to her husband, saying, “He’s not here right now.

“He’s outside somewhere, watching the dog. Maybe they’re on the beach.”

The gig was the fourth show of a 20-date tour.

A spokeswoman for the Komedia said: “We have a policy not to admit dogs into the venue, with the exception of guide dogs, and this was explained to her management when they arrived.

“Had we been made aware of their intention to leave the dog backstage we would have informed them that this wouldn’t be possible and avoided their disappointment on the night.

“Our policy has been put in place for a number of reasons, not least because our backstage areas are unsuitable for animals.”