1. From the National Trust information sign at the bottom of Nore Wood Lane follow the left hand trail. The track opens out with a grassy field on the left. Continue straight ahead ignoring the turning into the woods on the right. Alongside this path is a tree nursery to the left which is part of the National Trust’s regeneration scheme. This is the largest scheme of its type in the South of England with 185 acres of arable land being returned to natural woodland and wooded pasture (see National Trust website for more information – 00http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/slindon-estate/our-work/projects/).

After approximately 100 yards, there is a cross roads – follow the path straight ahead. To the right are a number of fields which also form part of the National Trust’s woodland regeneration scheme. Walk along the bridleway through beech woodland for approximately 500 yards passing the fenced area to the right.

2. When you reach a metal barrier, continue straight ahead until you arrive at a major crossroads of paths and bridleways with a bench and a sign post pointing in six directions. Take the bridleway signposted to Upwaltham – the path uphill immediately past a large beech tree. This path continues uphill through the woodland for approximately half a mile.

As the path steepens, there are a number of forestry tracks going off to the right. Ignore these and continue along the main path. The path is then joined by a large forestry track which soon turns off to the right. Continue uphill on the bridleway and when you reach a T-junction turn right. This is the end of the climbing! Follow the bridleway straight ahead (ignoring the turn to the left).

3. After approximately 100 yards the woodland ends and a narrow bridleway continues through the fields. The masts on Glatting Beacon are now visible to the left and provide a good landmark. After about 100 yards there is a turning to the left. Ignore this and walk straight ahead as the views begin to open out in front of you and to the right. There is a bench carved from a tree trunk about 100 yards along the path which makes for an ideal picnic spot with views across fields and woodland out to sea.

4. Soon after the bench there is a junction – turn left here and after approximately 100 yards cross the South Downs Way. Continue along the bridleway taking in the great views to your left towards Upwaltham. Walk through the trees as the bridleway sweeps around to the right ignoring the left hand turning. Once out of the trees, as the path begins to wind downhill, there are more stunning views across rolling downland and the weald beyond.

When you come to a gate walk through it and take the South Downs Way heading right. After approximately 75 yards the bridleway is joined on the left by another and then immediately splits. Take the left-hand bridleway signposted to Gumber bothy.

5. You are now on the remains of Stane Street, the old Roman road from Chichester to London. At the crossroads walk straight ahead and climb over a stile. Continue along Stane Street for around half a mile through fields. About half way along this path there is a stile with a footpath going off to the left. Ignore this and continue straight ahead through the field. At the bottom of the hill take the sign-posted bridleway to Gumber Farm and bothy.

6. Walk through the farmyard. There are estate cottages to the left and a campsite and bothy to the right. Carry on straight ahead passing through gates going into woodland. Follow the path for around 200 yards and then follow the grassy footpath downhill on the right. Almost immediately the path forks – take the left-hand path which winds downhill and then at the bottom of the hill, turn left.

7. Walk along the grassy path. There are ash trees to the left and a large field on the right which, once again, forms part of the National Trust woodland regeneration scheme. Follow this path for approximately 400 yards until you reach a crossroads. Go left uphill along a bridleway through the fields. After a couple of hundred yards the bridleway reaches a small patch of woodland. Continue along the track until you reach a crossroad with a broad stony track. Turn right and follow it all the way back until you reach a farmyard and a cottage where soon after you will arrive back at the starting point of the walk.