A MOTHER claims she bought food contaminated with bleach from a fast-food chain.

The incident was reported to the police and environmental health officers have launched an inquiry after Amber Perrin bought a waffle from Burger King, which she fears could have made her one-year-old son seriously ill.

The 22-year-old mother, from Hove, said she bought the waffle at the drive-through Burger King in Goldstone Retail Park, Hove, on Sunday. But when she bit into her food she noticed a strange chemical taste and spat it out.

She said: “I bought a waffle and it was covered in bleach.

“I had a couple of bites and it tasted funny so I spat it out. I got out of the car and was spitting it out and I could smell bleach.

“My son was with me and I had bought pancakes for him but luckily his food and my friend’s was fine. It was just mine that had bleach on it.

“My friend said I should go to hospital but I didn’t feel unwell and spat it out so thought I would be fine.

“But I was concerned in case there was any other food in the batch that was contaminated.

“I went to my mum’s and phoned them up to complain and warn them and they hung the phone up on me.

“Then I rang the police because I had my one-year-old son with me and if he had eaten it, he could have been seriously burned.

“I still have the waffle so that the police and environmental health can investigate.

“I’m just worried that other people could also buy food with bleach on.

“I could have so easily given my son a bit and it could have made him really poorly.”

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We have received a complaint and will be looking into the allegations.”

Sussex Police said the incident was “not being treated as a deliberate act” at this time.

A spokesman for Burger King said they had received no other similar complaints.

A spokesman added: “Food safety and hygiene is a top priority at Burger King restaurants.

“We take this matter very seriously and would like to conduct a complete and proper investigation.”

Environmental Health officials have taken away the remains of the waffle for testing.