A consultancy is driving a sea change in workplace culture by championing people’s strengths.

Bosses at Bailey and French, based in Brighton, believe promoting happiness and wellbeing at work could put a stop to the nine-to-five, living for the weekend drudgery experienced by many.

Promoting positives over negatives can improve both efficiency and wellbeing for the both the worker and management, they believe.

Co-founder Joshua French said: “The vision behind what we do is helping workplaces to be happy and to allow people to flourish. “

We know people are at their happiest when they’re absorbed in something meaningful.

“And it is a complete falsehood that people just live for the weekend.

“What we’re trying to do is tap into the potential of feeling that people are really flourishing at work.”

According to research only 17% of people say they regularly use their strengths at work – “a huge untapped potential” in the workforce.

Co-founder Alex Bailey (pic- tured above), who guest lectures in HR and business at the University of Brighton, said: “People are definitely now recognising business needs to change.

“It’s all about energising people.

“People often say they need to change jobs but a lot of times they just need to reapply themselves in their current role.

“It can come as an awakening.”

Work should be a positive part of life and Sunday night blues should be confined to history, the partners argue. Employees that feel good are more productive, creative and resilient – plus it makes good business sense to raise happiness levels.

Bailey and French try to use posi- tive psychology to focus on what is right rather than traditional psychology, which focuses on what is wrong.

The company bosses aim to create a positive platform for honest and respectful conversations, building better, stronger relationships.

Also important is empowering every individual to know their core strengths and use them to flourish in their roles.