Mrs Katy Bourne, Sussex police and crime commissioner, is absolutely correct, cycles should be number plated. But she doesn’t go far enough. They should also be insured and taxed.

If a cycle hits a car or bus, then the vehicle is held at fault and even if they are not, they still have to pay for the damage.

Although three quarters of cyclists are law abiding, it is the rest that cause the resentment.

I would like to make three points.

1. It is illegal to ride on the pavement unless it has a designated cycle lane.

2. It is COMPULSORY to use lights at night, not an optional extra.

3. Traffic lights apply to EVERYONE.

Yes, the person who said road tax goes into the general fund is right but motorists still have to pay vehicle excise tax.

I came home one night from London Road to The Avenue. Out of 17 cyclists, nine had no lights, three were riding on the pavement and one ignored every traffic light he came across including two pedestrian crossings.

What made this worse was I was following a police car nearly all the way and they ignored them all.

They can put number plates, tax and insure cycles abroad. It’s about time they did it here.

Phil Reay,

Bevendean Crescent