SHOPPERS are being surprised by swear words in the window display of a popular clothes shop in Brighton’s Churchill Square.

The Urban Outfitters store placed a sign in one of its window displays using the F-word and some have labelled the move “irresponsible”.

One shopper reported they were “up in arms” about the decision to place three items reading the slogan “it was all ******* awesome” in the shop front window in the shopping centre.

Claire Jones-Hughes, from Brighton Mums, said while swearing is part of modern language it is still offensive.

Ms Jones-Hughes said: “It is misguided and irresponsible to have in a location where children can see it.

“Especially age groups which are impressionable and don't fully understand the impact of bad language.

“We have to accept swearing is part of modern language but is offensive to some and we all need to respect that.”

Sussi Lassen, Director of Improve Your English International, said she wondered if the owner of the store was aware of the F-word being used as a marketing tool.

Ms Lassen said: “I am not quite sure about the ranking of the word in question according to the book Forbidden Words by Keith Allen and Kate Burridge. But from my source, a study by Timothy B Jay, it is number three on the list.

“As a teacher of English as a foreign language I cannot recommend it.

“My students would come across as very rude if they were using this word.

“I wonder if the owner of the shop knows it is in the window and consented to this marketing tool?”

Urban Outfitters declined to comment on the issue.

Previously The Argus has reported on other signs and slogans which have prompted shock. The Jolly Brewer, in Ditchling Road, took down a blackboard which displayed “Men no shirt, no service. Women no shirt, free beer” after customers complained.

And the Brighton nightclub Dirty Blonde was criticised for having a provocative name by equality campaigners.