I would like to clearly state my extreme disquiet at the proposed options of bypasses to the existing A27 at Arundel, Worthing and Polegate.

Your news report of October 17 implied that 'improvements' equate to building more roads and that this is an obvious thing to do, but concentrated on one section only (Lewes to Polegate).

Worryingly it made no reference at all to people who have severe doubts about the conventional wisdom that congestion is solved by more roads.

To date there has been no public consultation at all and no attempt to gather information on the range of views that exist.

Politicians, national and local, talk of huge support and are ignoring other voices in the run up to the report of the feasibility study and an announcement in the autumn statement (currently due to occur on December 3).

Building more and wider roads will inevitably attract more traffic and lead to more congestion and is an enormously expensive business, which does huge environmental damage to our much valued woodland and countryside, as well as in some cases splitting rural communities.

Far more sensible, and cheaper, is a policy of dealing with danger spots and access difficulties by making small improvements to existing roads and junctions and by investing in walking, safe cycling routes, public transport by bus and train, making it easier and more pleasant to avoid the use of cars.

Claiming that there is an environmental case for more roads has no basis in fact.

More traffic creates more pollution, damaging the health of adults and children alike, as well as harming wildlife.

Camilla Lambert,

Shirley Park,

Yapton Lane,