SEAFRONT residents say that a multi-million pound restaurant and private members’ club redevelopment is a “monstrosity” that will block out the iconic tourism view of Brighton and Hove which the city sells around the world.

Neighbours overlooking a proposed redevelopment of the Terraces in Madeira Drive, Brighton, say the plans will transform public space into an elite site which will price out ordinary residents.

The plans which were revealed by The Argus earlier this month would see the seafront site become a new home for Brighton and Hove fine-dining favourite Gingerman along with fashionable London foodies Pizza East, Dirty Burger and Chicken Shop.

The plans also incorporate an open-air plunge pool as part of the Soho House private members club where membership can cost up to £1,400 a year.

Residents are upset about the transformation of council-owned public space into a private members’ club and the construction of new buildings which will be ten-feet-high along Marine Parade.

The site’s prospective neighbours point out that the plans to create the existing site made great pains to ensure the building did not hinder sea views going as far as designing the roof with a wave design to compliment the sea.

In the new plans, residents will be able to look out to sea through four large windows and developers Brighton Seafront Regeneration say the redevelopment is needed because the existing site has become dilapidated.

Barry Yates, a 66-year-old resident in the art deco Van Alen Building facing the Terraces site, said: “The public spirited thing to do would be to create a viewing platform that would be public open space that everyone could use for free.

“This site is going to be for A-listers, media and arts people, visitors to Brighton, not for the ordinary people of Brighton.”

Fellow Van Alen resident Richard Read, 72, said: “There will be a Brighton backlash now that people know about it.

“It’s just frustrating that the developers get 18 months to work on these plans and we get just three weeks to get our comments in. It’s just a monstrosity, this is a conservation area.”

Terry Kinsella, 71, also living in the same building, said: “This will set a precedent for the rest of the seafront. How will they be able to stop the same thing happening either side if they allow this to go ahead?”

Labour Party council candidate Queen's Park Adrian Morris called developers to work with residents on adapting the plans.

He said: “The current plans will obstruct views of the seafront and fail to improve the integration of the development between Marine Parade and Marine Drive. I have been contacted by residents who have already opposed the proposal and a better solution must be found.”