Worthing residents have shot down proposals for new 20mph speed limits across the town.

More than two thirds of people asked by West Sussex County Council about plans to reduce the speed limit said ‘no’ following a three-month, £26,000 consultation.

A total of 69% of residents – 13,115 – voted no.

Council chiefs will decide what to do next at a committee meeting.

Duncan Kay, of pro-20mph group 20’s Plenty, said Worthing residents stood to lose the chance for safer streets because of scaremongering, threats of bus cuts and the “failure” of the council to properly explain the benefits.

He said: “We’re saddened to hear that 69% of consultation responses were against the idea.

“Door-to-door surveys prior to the consultation had shown strong support in Worthing, similar to other areas.

“Chichester’s 20mph consultation result was 77% in favour and this was typical of other consultations up and down the country.

“No other public consultation on 20mph limits in the UK has returned such a negative result as Worthing’s – so how did this happen?”

Mr Kay said the council’s report showed “almost all” negative comments and feedback related to “false claims” from the 20’s Pointless group.

He added that threats from bus company Compass Travel to cut services if the plans went ahead were never justified and that children, young people, minority groups and those with disabilities were not included on consultation steering groups.

The 20’s Plenty campaign said after the consultation result: “Councillors have a duty to ensure that the needs of all these people are taken into account and they are not put at unfair disadvantage.”

Paul High, Worthing Council Local Committee chairman, said no decision would be taken until Wednesday’s meeting.