A Monty Python super fan has found love after setting up a website page to help devotees of the comedy to find romance.

Python fanatic and founder of the Pythonesque Dating Facebook page, John Wood, has found love with fellow fan Gemma Harris.

John, who had been single for five years, is the first to find love in the group, which has more than 100 members and aims to help fans “find each other, and so find love, intellectual fulfilment and everlasting happiness”.

John, 54, and Gemma, 30, are now planning a romantic trip to Paris to visit the locations where scenes from their favourite film Brazil, directed by Python animator Terry Gillian, were shot.

They also hope to visit Doune Castle in Scotland which featured in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and have already been to see the comedy group’s reunion shows at the O2 four times and Blythe Spirit in the West End featuring actor Simon Jones, who appeared in Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life. John, from Garden Wood Road, East Grinstead, was named Monty Python’s biggest fan in 2012 at the London Film Festival and was recently named among 101 of the world’s superachievers by a US academic. He said: “Python is my life and its Gemma’s life too.

“We went to some of the locations from the TV show and we went along a long road on a bus in London to a place where they shot the gas cooker sketch.

Somebody would only do that if they were a big Python fan.

“I set the site up because I really wanted to help others to find somebody, I didn’t expect to find someone for me.

“I have been asking ‘are we the first Python couple to come together with this group’, some of the others are a bit slower to speak to other members so I have to do a lot of encouraging.”

To join visit the Pythonesque Dating Facebook group.