CHARITY workers are “saddened” to see protestors outside their shop campaigning amid claims of animal testing.

The British Heartless Foundation organised protests outside British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops across the country.

Members in Brighton have been outside the charity’s shop in Western Road to voice claims that funds from the charity are donated towards animal testing.

Member Naomi Fowler said the event was a success and members of the public joined in.

She said: “These animals suffer in unimaginable ways and the majority of the public don’t know where their money goes.

“The animals include cats, dogs, bunnies and lots of other furry friends.

“It is cruel and animals are not ours to do as we wish.

Testing on animals is a huge issue for us and the majority of people do not know about the horrors.”

Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of BHF, said he was “saddened” that there was a protest held outside the shop.

He said the charity is involved with animal research and not testing.

He said: “We’re dedicated to saving lives by developing better treatments and cures for heart and circulatory conditions.

“These affect the lives of more than seven million people across the UK.

“We understand people have strong views about research involving animals and this really isn’t a decision we take lightly.

“We only fund animal research when there is no alternative and the research is likely to lead to a medical benefit for patients.”

“We hope our loyal supporters and members of the public continue to support our lifesaving work by shopping with us.”