With reference to the government’s controversial plans to invest in major expenditure on the A27 trunk road in Sussex, our focus is always on the implications for the national park but this week’s announcement is very light on detail.

Any schemes for a bypass at Arundel could have a major impact on the park, as could proposals for the A27 between Beddingham and Polegate.

We’re pleased that the key role of the South Downs National Park Authority in any decision has been recognised and we will be working closely with them in responding to any specific proposals that may come forward.

It’s also a plus that there doesn’t seem to be any move towards solving the congestion at Worthing and Lancing by encroaching into the national park.

We recognise the congestion and accident problems along parts of this road but the South Downs National Park is a very special place and that has to be taken on board.

Robert Cheesman

South Downs Society