After last week’s UFO sightings in Brighton, a dog walker spotted more eerie floating objects as she tried to capture a sunset.

Sam Kembery, 32, was out walking her Labradors Dillon and Alfie in Worthing on Thursday when she spotted the stunning sunset and started snapping away.

It wasn’t until she scrolled through her photos on Saturday that she noticed the strange floating objects.

She said: “Everyone thinks I’m mad, but I can’t for the life of me see what it could be.

“I couldn’t actually see anything when I was taking the photo but it wasn’t until later on I spotted it.

“I automatically thought it was something to do with the lens on the camera but other photos I took have turned out fine and I’ve taken photos since and there’s no mark or anything.

“When my friends told me there had been alleged sightings last week in Brighton I thought it was really weird.

“I’m not sure what I believe, but I think we’d be naive to think we’re the only ones out there.”

Mark Easen, investigation and image analyst for the British UFO Research Association, thinks there may be a logical explanation.

He said: “They are a really, really interesting set of pictures.

“Looking at the times the pictures were taken, in the two photos with the object to the left of the sun it looks like someone shining a torch.

“They’re both taken at the same time – 3.45pm – but the object has moved quite a bit, which is a bit strange. “Then the object seems to move up, and this is a different shape – it looks like a balloon.

“So it took me a while to process the pictures and work it out, but I’d say the most likely explanation is that someone was down on the ground with a torch and then set off a balloon or a Chinese lantern.

“If that is what it is, it would be the first time I’ve ever come across it as a sighting, so it’s very rare.

“In 95% of cases, there is a logical explanation.

“The other 5% are unknowns where we just have no idea what it could be.”

However, Joanne Summerscales, founder of the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline, said: “They look as if they are genuine, considering the sequence and lighting.

“Of course, as to what it is that is captured on film is open to conjecture, but it is an anomalous craft of some kind I would say.

“Although there might be two, as clearly in a couple of the pictures you see two separate, but linked, objects.”

This new sighting comes just over a week since other unusal objects were spotted over Brighton.