Brighton's London Road is fast becoming the new Shoreditch. 

Here's ten reasons why. 

  1. Whilst Shoreditch has Old Spitalfields Market, London Road has the newly revamped Open Market.

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2. Private members club Shoreditch House attracts the most exclusive clientele, but in London Road the Cowley Club is the top venue for intellectual collaborations. The Argus: Right-wing extremists have posted threats against members of Brighton's Cowley Club

3. Shoreditch may have a contemporary shopping mall made from refitted shipping containers.

We have Richardsons Yard, a development of shipping containers converted into housing for homeless people.

The Argus: Housing charity fights back over critical magazine article

4. Shoreditch may be home to Turner Prize winning artist Tracey Emin, but we think Roadkill Couture designer Jess Eaton is just as worthy an award winner. 

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5. Shoreditch may be the spiritual home of the micro brewery, but the Hare and Hounds could give them a run for their money. 

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6. Shoreditch's favourite body part may very well be a hair covered chin. London Road's is most definitely a pair of stripey legs. 

The Argus: The original legs at the Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton


7. For every overpriced vintage store in the London borough, London Road has a charity shop to match 

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8. In recent years Shoreditch has become the hipsters' favourite hangout. In recent years sqatters have loved to hang out in London Road. 

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9. Shoreditch only has a tube station whereas London Road has a mainline station. 

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10. Shakespeare's first ever performance of Romeo and Juliet was staged at the Curtain theatre, in Shoreditch, but London Road's former Methodist Chapel which houses Emporium theatre has become a new theatre space and a meeting place, canteen, bar and exhibition space for Brighton-based artists, since opening last year. 

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