AN internet sensation which has gripped the nation all started in Brighton.

A video called The Wealdstone Raider was shot at Whitehawk Football Club, and has now been viewed in various guises more than 52 million times.

The 32-second clip features Gordon Hill at The Enclosed Ground chanting by himself and delivering what have become cult one-liners: “You got no fans”, “You got no ground” and “You want some?”

The viral video has led to Mr Hill featuring on a huge banner behind a goal in the Dutch premier league match between PEC Zwolle and ADO Den Haag.

The star of the amateur video talked to The Argus about his new-found fame, which will see him appear at 15 clubs and universities in the next 18 days.

Wealdstone fan Mr Hill said: “It’s just been crazy. I can’t believe how it’s kicked off. I’ve been invited to go to clubs and all sorts. I never thought it’d lead to this.”

There is now a campaign to get a remix of the video to Christmas number one to snub Simon Cowell.

The man who filmed the video, Darren Ward, also spoke exclusively to the paper about how his upload snowballed.

He said: “What happened was, we saw this bloke getting a bit rowdy at the football.

“So I turned to my mate Jeff and said ‘We’ll have a couple of beers at half time and then try and video him’.

“I had no idea it’d go this big – everyone’s gone mad for it.”

Mr Ward was visiting Brighton for the weekend when he inadvertently shot The Wealdstone Raider to stardom.

Mr Hill’s Twitter account, which was only set up last week, has already gathered more than 68,000 followers and he has enjoyed exchanges with the likes of Piers Morgan.