With reference to the article about the Vogue Gyratory, ‘£600k cycle lane a death trap’ printed in The Argus on December 19.

While the recent accidents on the Vogue Gyratory cycle lane are totally regrettable and awful for the unfortunate people concerned, I am pleased to see that the problem has been quickly rectified by the city council with the addition of a small tarmac ramp along the offending kerb-line.

On Saturday I tested this on my bike and I found it to be perfectly safe.

The unfortunate design flaw along this small section should not detract from what is otherwise an impressive and long overdue set of improvements for users of this busy junction.

These are improvements which have been called for, and are now welcomed, by many, especially those who cycle there.

Also, it should be noted that the ‘£600k’ price tag, quoted on your front page, actually paid for much more than just the cycle lane, including: l The replacement of all the traffic signals (involving, I understand, the laying of three miles of new cabling under the road).

l A widened pavement outside Sainsbury’s, to enable pedestrians to proceed without being blocked by cars waiting to pull out.

l A new bus stop, able to accommodate the longer bendy buses on the busy No25 route.

l Widened sections of road to ensure the new cycle lane did not impact on lane width and traffic flow causing congestion.

l Complete resurfacing across the junction and beyond.

l New road markings and signage throughout.

After more than thirty years since this problematic junction was first created, I’m delighted that, in spite of teething problems, it finally has a high quality northbound cycle lane.

As we all get used to it, and with the hidden kerb-issue now resolved, I feel confident that most who cycle there will find it much safer and easier to navigate than before.

Duncan Blinkhorn Community Works representative to the Lewes Road Improvements Steering Group and Spokesperson for Lewes Road for Clean Air