Adults in Brighton and Hove swim more regularly than almost anywhere else in the county.

A league table of local authorities shows 10.3% of people in the city swim at least once a week, ranking it tenth in the UK.

Horsham is also equal tenth with the same score, the figure for Hastings is 7.2% and Arun is 6.9%.

Worthing has a rate of 6.5%, Eastbourne has 6.3% and Rother has the lowest at 5.3%.

The figures were released by Diabetes UK as part of the launch of its annual Swim 22 challenge.

Teams are asked to swim 22 miles (the distance across the English Channel) at their nearest swimming pool.

Chairman of Brighton and Hove City Council’s economic development and culture committee, Geoffrey Bowden, said: “We‘re determined to get as many residents into sports or other physical activities as possible and this just shows how successful we have been in terms of swimming.

“Brighton and Hove is one of the few councils still offering free swimming to residents aged 16 and under.

“Millions of pounds of investment has modernised some of the city’s previously tired municipal sports centres or swimming pools and this has seen many more people start using them which is great news.

“On top of this, our Leisure Card, which provides a 40% discount on various activities at six council-owned leisure facilities, is proving a huge success with more than 1,300 residents taking advantage.

“Our public health colleagues are clear that sport and physical activity are beneficial in preventing many common diseases. “Local leisure centres have a role in promoting health alongside local doctors’ surgeries and the NHS.”

The charity’s south east manager, Jill Steaton, said: “Swimming is a great way to keep physically active, which is really important for preventing type 2 diabetes and or helping to manage diabetes if you already have it. “It’s fantastic so many people in Brighton and Hove and Horsham are already swimming, but this New Year we’d like to see more people diving into the pool to make a splash for Diabetes UK.”

To sign up to Swim 22, which runs from February 22 to May 22, visit or call the National Events Team on 0345 123 2399.