AN INDIE band has stepped into the realms of science fiction as they have released the world’s first virtual reality single.

The Indelicates, based in Lewes, claim to have released the music industry’s first fully playable, virtual environment matching up with their song The Generation That Nobody Remembered.

The 3D interactive music video is designed for use with virtual reality headset the Oculus Rift usually used for gaming.

The music experience takes the Rift’s user on a journey where they can choose to hear the A or B side.

The A side features the user watching a rocket launch from a bunker and the B side sees them in forest accompanied by lights that respond to music.

Simon Indelicate, 35, said: “It is a very immersive experience and you get a sense of scale when you use the Oculus Rift and the way it works with the music.

“I do not think the technology is quite to the point where you believe you are there but it is very immersive and you do get the sense of being in space.

“You cannot be distracted, you cannot look away or see through what you are looking at. You have the sense of inhabiting the world and music.”

Mr Indelicate added: “Virtual reality is something I first tried back in 1991 and it was really rubbish.

“People remember it as something you saw on Blue Peter. But what the Oculus Rift has done is probably the closest to embodying someone else or being in another world. It is very interesting in terms of storytelling.”

The experience is also available on computer and can be played like a regular game. It can be accessed on their website

The VR experience can also be downloaded from the site for free.

The Indelicates are principally Simon and Julia Indelicate who formed the band in 2005 and released their debut album in 2008.