2014 was quite a year – one of conscious uncoupling, selfies and ice bucket challenges.

And whether it was through leaving children in toilets or struggling with a bacon buttie, our politicians did not fail to disappoint.

Here are a few (tongue-in-cheek) award winners for those that really made 2014 a special year.

The Bob Marley award for chill-laxing

Home secretary Theresa May must have thrown one of her trademark leopard print heels at the wall when told of the new department minister.

Quite how Lewes MP-turned conspiracy theorist-turned indie musician-turned trainspotter Norman Baker made it past Home Office vetting is one of the best hidden secrets of 2014.

But Norman just carried on regardless, no doubt causing more shoe-hurling when he announced he’d look again at the UK’s drug laws. But the free lovin’ did not last and in November he made a swift Exodus.

The Oliver “please can I have more” award

Some politicians are just greedy.

Labour peer John Prescott used to boast about having Two Jags.

But Tory MP Nicholas Soames has gone one better having Three Jobs.

Not content with being the representative for Mid Sussex in Parliament, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill is director of two separate firms – earning a hefty five figure salary in the process.

Probably one job for every supper he eats in an evening....

The Nicky Clarke Bouffant of the Year Award

A close run between a number of entries but the winner once again is Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby.

In previous years he has self-mockingly likened his hair to Forces’ Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn. But on last viewing it was close to a mash up of Helana Bonham Carter and the Queen. I doth my toupe in respect....

The Black Knight award for Optimism brought to you by Monty Python

Politics is a place for pigheaded stubborn souls. But every so often you meet a bunch of people who believe in something so much that it becomes admirable.

Just like the man who this award is named after, however many limbs they lose they still believe they can win.

So the award for always looking on the bright side of life goes to the Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats.

Despite losing virtually every local member in the city, the remaining bunch struggle on in their fight to turn Brighton and Hove yellow.

"Tis but a scratch" would be more than an appropriate moniker.

Kate Moss Fashionista of the year

The town hall chamber is not normally the place where fashion tips are swapped.

But in March the brooch worn by Conservative councillor Mary Mears got particular attention after a colleague said it appeared to be a swastika.

It was in fact an Irish emblem.

Rumours that Coun Mears bought her red-faced colleague Ben Duncan a subscription to Vogue for Christmas are unfounded...

The Have a Break lifetime contribution award

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Jason Kitcat, who is retiring from frontline politics before he has turned 40.

The War and Peace never ending saga award

A close contest. It could have been leading Green and Labour politicians for blaming the ConDem coalition for its austerity regime.

It could have been a raft of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats for responding with claims there’s no more money.

It could have been a bunch of Ukippers embarking on an all night session in the Royal Oak.

But it’s what to do with the Hippodrome that scoops this gong.

2014 saw more than 15,000 sign a petition to keep the venue as a place for live performance This is the same building that has not hosted anything, never mind a performance, for more than a decade.

No doubt if they succeed the campaigners will be contacting Tolstoy to pen a sequel...

The Stevie Nicks going his/her own way award

It was the year of defections.

Some were schemed, like Douglas Carswell leaving the Conservatives for Ukip.

Others were forced like city councillor Ben Duncan, who left the Brighton and Hove Green party to become an Independent Green councilllor.

Confused dot com I know.

But then there was the head scratcher of all head sctratchers – Labour councillor Leigh Farrow who defected to the UKIP.

Someone I know likened it to a vegan booking a birthday meal at a steak house.

Both scenarios are as bloody as each other....

The Gordon Brown award for We Forgot You Were Here

It was very tempting to give this to the Liberal Democrats.

But the award for this must go to a man who has disappeared from public service – Wealden MP Charles Hendry.

After announcing he was stepping down in May, he has literally gone awol – so much so that I had to Google his name to remind me who he was. No doubt he will spend his retirement becoming the UK’s Hide and Seek champion.

The Leo and Kate inseparable couple award sponsored by Pritstick

Nationally, we have SamCam, Nick and Miriam and Ed and Yvonne.

But Brighton and Hove has its fair share of political families.

Previous winners of this award could have been the Theobalds (Geoffrey and Carol), the Normans (Ken and Ann) or the Wakefield-Jarretts (Liz and Rob).

But they’ve been usurped by the new kids on the block – Tom Druitt and Alex Phillips.

After a whirlwind romance, the pair married this year.

Within days issued a press release announcing the deed but also that they will both be standing in the same ward at 2015’s local election. A very conscious coupling then in the year of conscious uncoupling. Let’s hope unlike Leo and Kate there are no icebergs ahead.