I AM still of the opinion that the Hippodrome would be best to be reopened as an ice rink, for which it was originally used.

Look how well the temporary ice rink is attended during the winter in the Royal Pavilion grounds.

How I miss the wonderful ice shows that were staged at the ice rink in West Street, and the ice hockey matches, the Brighton Tigers and the Canadian soldiers playing on Sunday mornings.

Tragically many lost their lives in the badly-planned attack on Dieppe.

The Hippodrome could be used for dual events. In the days of the summer and lighter nights, it would be better to promote musicals and variety shows, and revert to an ice rink for the winter months.

I am sure the older population of Brighton would be more inclined to attend the theatre in the summer than wander the streets of Brighton in the cold dark nights, and also many more would travel to Brighton using their OAP bus passes.

An ice rink in the winter. What better place for the younger set to use up all that energy? They would be too tired to move on to the later night spots.

Ernie Barnes, Fircroft Avenue, Lancing