A DOG had a lucky escape from a cliff edge when it was saved by a coastguard.

The border collie was enjoying a Sunday stroll on the beach at Cuckmere Haven when it ran up the cliff.

Its owners tried to coax the dog down, but when it became clear that their pet was well and truly stuck they called for help.

Trevor Cutler, Newhaven Coastguard station officer, said that it was an unusual situation for the cliff rescue team.

He said: “We’re used to rescuing dogs that have run over the top of the cliff edge, rather than up from the beach.

He added: “It was a difficult situation because the cliffs are so unstable at the moment.”

The team sent rescuer Peter Leonard down the cliff with an animal rescue bag and he was able to strap the dog in.

The position of the ledge made the rescue tricky, but Mr Cutler said the dog “knew it was in trouble” and caused no more difficulty in getting strapped in.

The call-out took the team about 40 minutes, and the fortunate dog was reunited with its ecstatic owners.

Mr Cutler said the cliff rescue team is always ready to help dogs in trouble, but advised people to keep their dogs under control around the cliffs and to never attempt to rescue pets themselves.

He said: “The cliffs are so unstable at the moment. We would warn everybody to stay away from the edge and keep dogs on leads.

“People treat their dogs like a member of the family, and want to do anything to help them, including trying to rescue them, but this is very dangerous.

“If your dog gets into trouble call us. We have the equipment and the training.”