I have just volunteereed at Lost Cats Brighton and yet another cat has been rescued by founder Ron Ayres, after being shot by a cowardly individual in Angmering (The Argus, February 14).

What angers me most is that these criminals get away with mindless acts of cruelty. You never hear of them being brought to justice.

Perhaps because in the eyes of the law they are merely cats and expendable in a capitalist society where revenue from the sale of the gun that maimed the cat is more important.

The dichotomy for me is that guns are supposedly frowned upon in this country yet only, it seems, if it is pointed at a human being but not if it is targeted at a non-human animal.

Lilly is getting back to health with the aid of a metal splint to her leg and a morphine patch.

She responded to some love and kindness this morning.

What is needed is for readers of The Argus to contact their politicians to push for all air weapons to be used only in gun clubs as I have often stated in letters to The Argus.

It is reassuring to know that we now have the newly formed Animal Welfare Party standing in the May 2015 general election on behalf of people, animals and the environment.

Non-human animals at last are beginning to be properly represented.

David Hammond

North Court, Hassocks