A TEENAGER from Bevendean is already making her mark in the charity sector with her local volunteering after receiving a letter from the Prime Minister.

Riziki Millanzi , 17, has been volunteering in the city for nine years and takes part in significant meetings as part of her role in the Brighton and Hove Youth Council.

Unfortunately, the youth services in Brighton and neighbouring areas are facing serious cuts so the work Riziki and other volunteers are doing is vital.

To those who know Riziki personally and her commendable efforts, it is no shock that she has recently received a letter from David Cameron praising her for her work.

“It was amazing,” she said.

“The letter from Mr Cameron really made me want to continue what I love to do.

“The Trust for Developing Communities totally makes you feel like you’re making a difference.”

The letter from Number 10 commended Riziki for her involvement in volunteering, saying that the country really needs people to unite to do this kind of community work.

Working with the Bevendean Activity Group since she was a girl, Riziki has received her well-deserved credit.

The Bevendean Activity Group offers enrichment activities to disadvantaged youngsters in the area, organises trips and does even more for those in problematic circumstances.

Riziki has become a trustee of the Trust for Developing Communities (TDC) while continuing her efforts with the Bevendean Activity Group and Brighton and Hove Youth Collective, in addition to all her schoolwork. Even with her educational studies, Riziki is remaining with the Bevendean Activity Group and is enthusiastic about the fresh prospects of being a trustee for the TDC.

Despite the positive future ahead of her, Riziki is concerned about the planned financial cuts to youth services in the city.

Although she understands how difficult it is to secure the funding, Riziki admitted: “If our groups have to stop then the knock-on effect will be really upsetting because the things that were helping teenagers and young adults will be lost.”

The Brighton and Hove Youth Collective is awaiting a decision regarding the cuts to youth services in the city.

Volunteers and the organisations within the youth collective are uncertain but still remain hopeful to continue working with local communities for many years to come.