Two journalists who studied at Brighton Journalist Works have won awards for exceptional performance in the Diploma in Journalism exams.

Anna McNay, was presented with the HoldtheFrontPage award for production journalism, while Daniel Woolfson, pictured above, won the Society of Editors’ award for an impeccable performance in the 100wpm shorthand exam.

Top-performing students from across the UK were honoured at a ceremony hosted by News UK in London on February 6.

Anna said: “I’m really pleased to win this award and it is evidence of the great teaching I received at Brighton Journalist Works.”

Daniel, who now works as a food writer for the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, said he uses his shorthand every day.

He said: “I’m thrilled to have won the award. I found learning shorthand pretty fun and it’s proven to be incredibly useful. Advice for those taking the exam is: don’t stress!”

Both winners received a certificate and a cheque for £250.

Journalist Works managing director Paula O’Shea said: “We are thrilled to bits that Daniel has got this award. He really deserved it.”

Journalist Works is currently recruiting for its September 2015 and part-time courses.